Pack your bags!

Mark Treleaven

11 October 2021

Have you ever been caught out on the course in the pouring rain without a waterproof? It happens to the best of us, and it usually doesn’t happen a second time! But sometimes you’ll leave for the course and the weather couldn’t be better, so of course you’re not turning up to the first tee in a rain suit.

Truth be told, it’s actually Motocaddy with the (literal) bag of tricks!

That’s where being prepared comes into play: filling your bag with a waterproof jacket, trousers and the all-important umbrella. But there’s one step before you do that… getting a bag that can fit all that gear inside!

Motocaddy's 2021 Golf Bags
Motocaddy's Dry-Series Golf Bags

Now, we told you earlier that we have a trick up our sleeve. Truth be told, it’s actually Motocaddy with the (literal) bag of tricks – a whole range of them, in fact. You can choose from the Dry-Series and HydroFlex waterproof bags equipped with plenty of spacious pockets for all your winter golfing needs and the added bonus of stylish designs in a variety of colour options in the detailing.

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